Car Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Your Upgraded Car Running Smoothly


As a car owner, you want to ensure that your upgraded car runs smoothly and reliably. While upgrading your car can increase its performance, it can also lead to increased wear and tear, making maintenance crucial to prolonging the life of your vehicle. In this article, we’ll cover some essential car maintenance tips that will help you keep your upgraded car running smoothly for years to come.

Regular Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are one of the most important car maintenance tasks you can perform. Oil keeps your engine lubricated, preventing metal parts from grinding against each other and causing damage. Over time, oil breaks down and becomes less effective, leading to increased friction and wear. To keep your upgraded car running smoothly, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended oil change schedule.

Check Your Tirescar-tire-closeup-RocketChip-How-to-keep-your-upgraded-vehicle-running-smoothly

Your tires are the only point of contact between your car and the road, making them critical to your car’s performance and safety. Regularly checking your tires’ pressure, tread depth, and wear can help prevent accidents and keep your car running smoothly. Be sure to inflate your tires to the recommended pressure, rotate them regularly, and replace them when the tread wears down to the minimum recommended depth.

Maintain Your Brakes

Your car’s brakes are essential for safety, and regular maintenance can help prevent costly repairs down the line. Be sure to have your brakes inspected regularly, and replace the brake pads and rotors when necessary. You can also extend the life of your brakes by avoiding hard stops and keeping your brake fluid levels topped up.

Change Your Air Filters

Your car’s air filters prevent dirt, dust, and other debris from entering your engine, reducing performance and causing damage. Over time, air filters become clogged and less effective, leading to decreased fuel efficiency and increased wear on your engine. To keep your upgraded car running smoothly, be sure to replace your air filters according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.

Keep Your Battery Charged

Your car’s battery is responsible for powering the electrical system, and a dead battery can leave you stranded. Regularly checking your battery’s charge level and cleaning the terminals can help prevent problems down the line. If your battery is more than a few years old, consider replacing it to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Pay Attention to Warning Lights

Modern cars are equipped with a variety of warning lights that indicate potential problems. Ignoring warning lights can lead to costly repairs and even accidents. If you see a warning light, be sure to have your car inspected by a qualified mechanic to address any issues.

Check Your Fluid Levels

Your car’s fluids, including coolant, transmission fluid, and brake fluid, are essential for proper performance and reliability. Regularly checking your fluid levels and topping them up as necessary can help prevent breakdowns and extend the life of your upgraded car.

Keep Your Car Cleanaction-auto-automobile-automotive-RocketChip-How-to-keep-your-upgraded-vehicle-running-smoothly

Regularly cleaning your car can help prevent rust and other damage that can reduce performance and lower your car’s value. Be sure to wash your car regularly, including the undercarriage, and wax it to protect the paint from the elements.

Store Your Car Properly

If you’re not using your car for an extended period, such as during the winter months, be sure to store it properly. This includes keeping it covered and in a dry, climate-controlled environment to prevent rust and other damage.

Drive Carefully

Finally, driving carefully can help prevent accidents and reduce wear and tear on your upgraded car. Avoid hard stops and starts, and take care when driving over potholes and rough roads. Following these tips can help keep your car running smoothly for years to come.


Upgrading your car can be exciting, but it’s important to remember that proper maintenance is key to keeping your vehicle running smoothly. By following these car maintenance tips, you can ensure that your upgraded car performs at its best for years to come.

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